Who We Are

The Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver is a non-profit with a mission to empower every child and adolescent in Vancouver with a Learning Disability to achieve life-long success and happiness. In partnership with the University of British Columbia, LDAV provides research-based instruction to children who struggle in school. Our specialized interventionists offer individualized and professional support that teaches children to leverage their learning strengths in order to overcome their learning challenges. Within 2 to 3 years, our programs teach children to be independent in the school system.

2017 was a great year for LDAV. View our Annual Report here.

Our Approach

Professional Intake

Our professional intake offers families an opportunity to meet with LDAV staff to review psychological educational assessments, IEPs and report cards and discuss their individual child's learning strengths and weaknesses in detail.

Program Registration

With the support of LDAV staff, families can complete registrations online or in person. Students can begin their intensive, individualized instruction program within one week of submitting all required registration documents.

Parent Advocacy and Support

LDAV members are supported through professional consulting and advocacy support from Norlan Cabot, Education Consultant. With 30 years of experience as a School Psychologist, Norlan can help to navigate the school system and ensure that each child receives the support necessary to be successful.

Intensive Individualized Instruction

Children ages 7-18 are matched with a specialized LD instructor (trained in the Orton-Gillingham method) and work to develop their strengths and overcome their learning challenges. Sessions are focused on learning strategies, organization, reading, writing and math, dependent on the child's individual needs.

Research-Based Reporting

LDAV's progress reports have been developped in partnership with the University of British Columbia and provide a valid and reliable assessment of each child's progress throughout the year.


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Private Sponsors

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Donate to Help

Donations and support from funders make it possible for us to keep our rates affordable as well as provide access to the most vulnerable children in our communities.

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Sponsor a Child

LDAV is committed to transparent and accountable management and to ensuring that donor funds are used to create the biggest impact possible for our kids. When our community believes in the potential of our children, we can achieve great things!

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As a non-profit, LDAV has a community of wonderful volunteers who make our work possible. Learn how you can join them today.


  • LDAV has taught my son to improve his written expression. He knows the theory behind this extremely well and has even taught his sister. LDAV has also taken the strain off my relationship with my child, a benefit that I am extremely thankful for. Partly through the help in learning about rights and advocacy at LDAV, I feel that I have been able to set son up for success in the future.

    LDAV Parent, 2017 School Year

  • Before LDAV, [my grandchild] was coming home every day saying, "Grandma, I'm invisible, I'm just invisible." My heart ached for him. Now we are supported in all the ways he needs to achieve his goals, and I'm sitting back with the biggest smile on my face all the time. I'm so very proud of him. He truly is amazing.

    LDAV Parent, 2017 School Year

  • We have two children attending LDAV, and our experience has for the most part been very positive. They’ve both certainly improved at school and have gained more confidence in their reading and writing abilities. This has also appeared to have had a boost in their social interaction with their peers. Thanks LDAV.

    LDAV Parent, 2017 School Year

  • We used to feel that being around [our child] and homework was comparable to being beside a bomb! Now, after a few years of LDAV tutoring, we see this strong little guy and student who exudes confidence in reading, writing, and the arts! The staff at LDAV, especially in his first couple of years, really helped [our child] open new doors, and develop the abilities to be successful and more confident in the classroom. Every student with an LD deserves to be respected, appreciated and understood Thank you LDAV.

    LDAV Parent, 2017 School Year